Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Internship?

My interviews over the past 6 months have landed me 2 internships. I have recently returned from my first where I had a fantastic time. During my internship, another offer was been made to me. This time, the temptation comes from Amazon.com in Seattle. I had a few interview screens before the offer came. The conversations were mostly technical but at the same time, I gained some insight into the functionalities and products Amazon offered. They don't only sell books. They are so much more! I was glad with the opportunity to work for such a well known and established company. I had worked with their Web services platform in the past but after my talks with various members of their different and diverse software development teams, I have decided I wish to work on their security and identity management team. This also ties in nicely with my current area of research. My last internship was in data mining and this one will be in security; perfect.

After this second offer, I withdrew my applications from the other companies that I had been in negotiations with. Two internships for a 3-4 year postgraduate research degree is quite sufficient, if not excessive according to Australian standards. I will have to put my research on hold again for another 3 months. I have set my start data at Amazon to the end of the year so I may have some time now to do some solid research. When I come back, I will tidy everything up and write everything up to create the final thesis.

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