Monday, October 08, 2007

APAC07 Student Forum

8 October 2007 - Rendezvous Observation City Hotel, Perth, Western Australia

Keynote: Thom Dunning - NCSA Director

Thom's background was originally in Chemistry and is now the director for NCSA (National center for Super Computing Applications). For his keynote, he talked about many of the projects that are currently being worked on at NCSA. Many of the applications had chemistry or biology backgrounds but the need of management, transportation and manipulation of the data has created the need of high powered processing and computing in these environments. Many interesting applications were discussed:

  • modelling of infectious diseases and the initial challenge of identifying viruses
  • modelling earthquakes (MAEviz), predicting when they will occur and efficient recovery
  • telescope imagery using LSST (large synoptic survey telescope) - 3 Gigapixel camera, transportation and data processing of images for identification/detection of interesting events (e.g. supernovas, meteors coming our way)
  • automated genome comparison and matching. Manual matching can take up to 8 months for each match.
  • tornado simulation

Sessions: student presentations

After the keynote, 13 students from around the country presented their research. Presentations range from eScience research topics in biology and chemistry to load balancing and large scale P2P optimisation. I presented my work for role engineering for role based access control.

Information about the forum can be found here. I am uncertain how persistent this link will be. The main purpose was to bring students from around Australia working in related areas together to network.

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